Publications of Ivan Miksik

196 papers in the international journals with Impact factor, 9 papers in journals without Impact factor, co-editor of 1 book and 2 Special Volumes of Journal of Chromatography B, 1 Special Issue of American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 14 chapters in books and 3 CD-ROMs about bibliography of separation techniques. Co-author of 2 patents.

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Papers in journals with Impact factor

196 Sylva Drtikolová Kaupová, Jaroslav Brůžek, Jiří Hadrava, Ivan Mikšík, Marine Morvan, Lumír Poláček, Lenka Půtová, Petr Velemínský. Early life histories of Great Moravian children – carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis of dentine serial sections from the Early Medieval population of Mikulčice (9th-10th centuries AD, Czechia), Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, (2024) 16:16.

195 Jaroslav Brůžek, Ivan Mikšík, Anežka Pilmann Kotěrová, Marine Morvan, Sylva Drtikolová Kaupová, Fréderic Santos, Alžběta Danielisová, Eliška Zazvonilová, Bruno Maureille, Petr Velemínský. Undertaking the biological sex assessment of human remains: The applicability of minimally-invasive methods for proteomic sex estimation from enamel peptides, Journal of Cultural Heritage. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 66 (2024) 204–214.

194 Ivan Mikšík, Marine Morvan, Jaroslav Brůžek: Peptide analysis of tooth enamel - a sex estimation tool for archaeological, anthropological, or forensic research. Journal of Separation Sciences, 2023; 46:2300183.

193 Marine Morvan, Ivan Mikšík: The chiral proteomic analysis applied to aging collagens by LC-MS: Amino acid racemization, post-translational modifications, and sequence degradations during the aging process, Analytica Chimica Acta, Volume 1262, 2023, 341260. (

192 Flores-López, S.L.; Arenillas, A.; Mikšík, I.; Menéndez, J.A.; Montes-Morán, M.A. Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogels Cartridges for Solid Phase Extraction of Benzotriazoles. Materials 2023, 16, 2519.

191 Veronika Gvoždíková Javůrková, Ivan Mikšík, New insights into the relationships between egg maternal components: the interplays between albumen steroid hormones, proteins and eggshell protoporphyrin, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 279, 2023, 111401,

190 Jana Svobodová, Ivan Mikšík: Application of sol-gels modified with the natural plant extracts as stationary phases in open-tubular capillary electrochromatography, Gels, 2022, 8, 198.

189 Pozzolini M., Mikšík I., Ghignone S., Oliveri C., Tassara E. and Giovine M.: The lysosome origin of biosilica machinery in the Demospongiae model Petrosia ficiformis (Poiret, 1789), Frontiers in Marine Science, 2022, 9

188 Hermann Ehrlich, Magdalena Luczak, Rustam Ziganshin, Ivan Miksik, Marcin Wysokowski, Paul Simon, Irena Baranowska-Bosiacka, Patrycja Kupnicka, Alexander Ereskovsky, Roberta Galli, Sergey Dyshlovoy, Jonas Fischer, Konstantin R. Tabachnick, Iaroslav Petrenko, Teofil Jesionowski, Anna Lubkowska, Marek Figlerowicz, Viatcheslav N. Ivanenko, Adam P. Summers: Arrested in glass: actin within sophisticated architectures of biosilica in sponges. Advanced Science. 2022, 9, 2105059.

187 Marine Morvan and Ivan Mikšík: Recent Advances in Chiral Analysis of Proteins and Peptides. Separations 2021, 8(8), 112; link – 29 July 2021

186 Ivan Mikšík, Šárka Kubinová, Marine Morvan, Karel Výborný, Ameneh Tatar, Vladimír Král, Kamil Záruba and David Sýkora: Analysis of Chondroitin/Dermatan Sulphate Disaccharides Using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Separations 2020, 7(3), 49; link

185 Jana Svobodová, Ivan Mikšík: Open–tubular capillary electrochromatographic application of a sol–gel matrix with chilli peppers, garlic, or synthetic additives. Journal of Separation Science, 2020; 43:3691-3701.

184 Miroslava Vosahlikova, Lenka Roubalova, Kristina Cechova, Jonas Kaufman, Stanislav Musil, Ivan Miksik, Martin Alda, Petr Svoboda: Na+/K+-ATPase and lipid peroxidation in forebrain cortex and hippocampus of sleep-deprived rats treated with therapeutic lithium concentration for different periods of time, Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, 102 (2020) 109953.

183 Lucie Kulhavá, Adam Eckhardt, Statis Pataridis, René Foltán, Ivan Mikšík: Proteomic Analysis of Whole Saliva in Relation to Dental Caries Resistance. Folia Biologica (Praha) 66, 72-80 (2020). link

182 Veronika Gvoždíková Javůrková, Monika Pokorná, Ivan Mikšík, Eva Tůmová: Concentration of egg white antimicrobial and immunomodulatory proteins is related to eggshell pigmentation across traditional chicken breeds. Poultry Science, 98(12): 6931-6941, 2019. link

181 Petra Hlasna Cepkova, Michal Jagr, Iva Viehmannova, Vaclav Dvoracek, Danter Cachique Huansi and Ivan Miksik: Diversity in Seed Storage Protein Profile of Oilseed Crop Plukenetia volubilis from Peruvian Amazon. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 21: 679-688, 2019. link

180 Adam Eckhardt, Tomas Novotny, Ivan Miksik, Lucia Hronkova, Ludek Vajner, Statis Pataridis, Daniel Hadraba, Lucie Kulhava, Martin Plencner, Jarmila Knitlova, Jana Liskova, Jiri Uhlik, Marie Zaloudikova, David Vondrasek, Martina Doubkova, Martin Ostadal: A novel contribution to clubfoot pathogenesis: the possible role of extracellular matrix proteins. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 37(3): 69-778, 2019.

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175 Ergang, Peter; Mikulecka, Anna; Vodicka, Martin; Vagnerova, Karla; Miksik, Ivan; Pacha, Jiri: Social defeat stimulates local glucocorticoid regeneration in lymphoid organs. Endocrine connections, 7:1389-1396, 2018.

174 Karel Marschner, Stanislav Musil, Ivan Mikšík, Jiří Dědina: Investigation of hydride generation from arsenosugars - Is it feasible for speciation analysis? Analytica Chimica Acta, 1008:8-17, 2018. link

173 Adam Eckhardt, Lucie Kulhava, Ivan Miksik, Statis Pataridis, Marketa Hlavackova, Jana Vasinova, Frantisek Kolar, David Sedmera, Bohuslav Ostadal: Proteomic analysis of cardiac ventricles: baso-apical differences. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, 445(1-2):211-219, 2018. pdf file

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